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FIFTH National Manager of the Year Contest Announces “Top 3” Finalists

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FIFTH National Manager of the Year Contest Announces “Top 3” Finalists
The best professional community managers across the nation compete for national honors and $5000 prize
CALABASAS, CA, March 24, 2017 - ADT Community Association Program, GetDocs Now, Kevin Davis Insurance Services, and Mutual of Omaha Bank join Association Reserves, Inc., the nation's leading provider of reserve study services for association-governed communities, in announcing the “Top 3 Onsite Managers and the “Top 3” Portfolio Managers in the 2017 National Manager of the Year (MOTY) Contest:
The Top 3 On-Site Manager Finalists are:
· Michael Tulacz of Baxter Community Association, Inc. Fort Mill, SC
· Rick Cole of Bel Air Crest Master Association Los Angeles, CA
· Leslie Alvarez of Park Towers Condominiums Lewisville, TX
The Top 3 Portfolio Manager finalists are:
· Kristan Roberts of R Property Management, Inc. Murfreesboro, TN
· Susan Horton of 5150 Community Management Englewood, CO
· Jared Lawrence of Compass Management Group, Inc. Wayzata, MN
The MOTY contest honors Managers who have been responsible for major improvements and/or turnarounds in the communities that they manage. The title, and a 5,000 dollar cash prize, will be awarded to one On-site Manager and one Portfolio Manager in a live online broadcast that takes place in a private ceremony in Las Vegas, NV on May 3, 2017.
Managers compete in a photo-essay competition which is judged on the basis of several criteria, including the significance of the Manager’s role in improving and/or turning around the Association’s circumstances and whether the story is communicated in a pleasing and inspirational manner.
The Top 3 in each category are determined by an independent Council of Community Association Professionals
(CCAP). This year’s CCAP members included Gayle Cagianut of Cagianut & Company, Donna DiMaggio-Berger Esq
of Becker-Poliakoff, Margey Meyer of CadrExperts, and our prior year contest winners, Dean Lerner of Sudler
Property Management and Scott Ellison of Flying Horse HOA.
The judging panel will select the top three finalists in each category to move on to the third stage of the contest,
online voting which takes place April 3-12, 2017. Popular votes, sponsors votes, and CCAP votes will determine
the winners.
About the National “Manager of the Year” Contest
The National “Manager of the Year” Contest is a unique program designed to recognize and reward the
achievement of professional Managers of condominiums, cooperatives, homeowners associations and planned
unit developments across the United States. The heart of the competition is photo-essays sharing how each
Manager contributed to the success of their Associations. Now in its fifth year, this independently judged
program promotes Manager excellence by documenting their stories and inspiring others by their example. For
information about the Contest, please visit

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